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Air conditioning maintenance

Flowplus takes care of the maintenance of your air conditioner.​

An air conditioning is a great asset to your home or office, but will only deliver optimal performance and longevity if you maintain your air conditioning system properly. An annual maintenance of your air conditioning system is therefore not exaggerated, taking into account that your air conditioning provides you with clean, filtered air every day and has a lot to endure. Other indicators can also indicate a needed maintenance of your air conditioner:

  • When your air conditioning system makes more noise than normal
  • When your air conditioning system is less likely to get the room cooled or up to temperature
  • When your energy costs rise for the same return

How often your air conditioning system needs maintenance can often be gauged from the amount of refrigerant your air conditioning system contains:

  • Annual maintenance for air conditioning systems with more than 3 kg of refrigerant
  • Semi-annual maintenance for air conditioning systems with more than 30 kg of refrigerant
  • Quarterly maintenance for air conditioning units with more than 300 kg of refrigerant

Do you have questions or doubts about maintaining your air conditioning system? Then contact your authorized Flowplus air conditioning installer.