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Air conditioning models

A range of choices

Opting for an invisible air conditioning system or should it be best seen? Your air conditioning installer can guide you through the different types of air conditioning that are best suited for your office or home.


Air conditioner wall model

A wall-mounted air conditioner is the most well-known cooling solution and one of the most compact options. The new air conditioning wall models are already a lot more aesthetic and compact than the previous generation of air conditioners. The Daikin Stylish wall air conditioner has even been awarded for its sleek, streamlined design. Air conditioner wall models exist in different designs and colors. Ask your air conditioner installer about the possibilities.

Air conditioning installation possible from Daikin Stylish, Daikin Emura, Daikin Perfera, Daikin Comfora, Daikin Urura Sarara, LG Artcool and LG Dualcool


Air conditioner floor model

An air conditioner floor model is mainly chosen to place under a windowsill or niche. In contrast to air conditioning wall models, the floor models blow air upwards so that they create less draughts. They are low enough to fit under a (standard) window.

Air conditioning installation possible from Daikin Perfera


Air conditioning built-in units

If you really want a sleek environment, you can opt for a built-in air conditioning unit. This is an invisible air conditioning system that is concealed in a suspended ceiling or false wall. Only a grille is visible through which the air is blown. The correct installation is elementary here, something that you have come to the right place with your Flowplus approved air conditioning installer.

Built-in air conditioning units always work with an outdoor unit. Although an air conditioner built-in unit is the most aesthetic of the different types of air conditioner, this air conditioner system is also slightly more expensive than the other variants. Not only must the system be encased, access must also be created for maintenance or repairs.

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