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Air conditioning systems

Flowplus takes care of your air conditioning. Installation and maintenance.

Depending on the situation in your home or office, it is best to choose a split system or a multi-split system. Choosing between the different air conditioning systems is done based on the number of air conditioning units that need to be installed inside, something your air conditioning installer will be happy to guide you through. Among the different air conditioning systems with an outdoor unit, we distinguish between:

Air conditioning split system

split system is the most common air conditioning system. This type of air conditioning installation is done by installing two units: one air conditioning outdoor unit and one air conditioning indoor unit, the latter – the air conditioning split unit – can optimize the temperature of one room and is connected to one outdoor unit.

Air conditioning multisplit system

multisplit system is starting to appear more and more among our customers, both at home and in the office. This involves installing multiple air conditioning multisplit units indoors, combined with (at least) one outdoor unit. You can connect up to five different indoor air conditioning units to one outdoor unit. What type of air conditioner you choose for this purpose (an air conditioner wall model or a floor model) is irrelevant. Choosing an air conditioning split system or a multi-split system? Contact us for a customized quote for your air conditioning installation in Wilrijk or Antwerp.