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Ventilation systems

Flowplus takes care of your ventilation. Installation and maintenance.

Although there are four types of ventilation systems, you can broadly categorize them into two groups.


Ventilation system A and B

Ventilation System A and Ventilation System B are undeniably the cheapest solution for air filtration in your home, office or business. In practice, however, they are the least efficient and cause the most heat loss in the winter months.

In ventilation system A, filters provide both air intake and exhaust. The disadvantage here is that in the winter you pull the cold air in with you and in the summer it is difficult to keep the heat out. Because the supply of air is not adjustable, this can lead to large temperature fluctuations indoors. Ventilation system B has a similar operation, only here the air is supplied mechanically.

At Flowplus, you can go for the installation of mechanical ventilation systems, such as ventilation system C and ventilation system D. These ventilation systems are a lot more efficient and guarantee ventilation with a minimum of heat loss.

Ventilation system C: natural supply and mechanical extraction of air

With a ventilation system C, air is supplied naturally through grilles in the windows or walls of the so-called “dry” areas (the living areas, bedrooms, offices, etc…). Through pass-through ductsventilation system C ensures that the air gets to the “wet” areas (kitchens, toilets, bathrooms), where it is exhausted through fans in a ventilation unit.

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Ventilation system D: fully mechanical ventilation system, both for the supply and the removal of air (balanced ventilation)

To reduce heat loss to an absolute minimum, the fully mechanical ventilation system D is usually chosen today. This ventilation system provides complete control over the supply and removal of air, which is why ventilation system D is often referred to as “balance ventilation. In ventilation system D, both the supply of fresh air and the removal of used air are done mechanically, through fans in the ventilation unit. Fresh air is drawn in through valves in the balance ventilation unit and then blown along pass-through ducts through supply vents into the dry rooms. The exhaust vents in the wet areas re-exhaust the air through other pass-through ducts. A heat exchanger can ensure that the heat from the return air heats the supply air during the cold winter months, so you never get cold air inside.

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